Fly of the Month - November

This month’s FOM is the “Egg” pattern. Call them “Glo-Bugs”, “Eggstasy”, “McFlyfoam Egg”, or just a Salmon Egg pattern, they’re deadly for winter Steelhead and all trout. With our Salmon River Steelhead trip coming up this month we’ll focus our attention of one of Dave Surowiecki’s favorites, the “Eggstasy”. These are easy to tie, so you should be able to whip out several in various colors and sizes in a very short time at the vise.

Be sure to attend our Barflies event on November 7 at Reverie Brewing Company to get more hints on Egg and other Steelhead patterns.


  • Size 14, 12, or 10 jig or scud hook

  • Tungsten bead (size to hook)

  • UTC 70 Florescent Orange

  • Flybox Eggstasy in a variety of colors